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COSPA is now accepting applications for swimming pool positions for the 2019 season (June 15 to Sept 2nd)
Please send your job application outlining all of your qualifications and experience.
All lifeguarding certifications must be current at the time of hiring and must remain current.

COSPA partners with not-for-profit community associations and private contractors to operate the 7 outdoor pools that COSPA manages.  All résumés/applications submitted through the COSPA website are circulated to all of the Pool Directors for their consideration.  Applicants will only be contacted by one of the Pool Directors if they are interested in interviewing you for a position.

The outdoor pools operating season is approximately 80 days long.  The 2019 opening day is scheduled for Saturday June 15 and all outdoor pools will close on Monday September 02 (Labour Day).



Swimming Instructor

We are looking for individuals who love to swim and teach swimming to all age groups at our seven outdoor swimming pools located around Calgary.
Swim Instructors are responsible for conducting and developing program and swim lesson plans for swimming instruction at all levels.
Swim Instructors evaluate students’ performance, accomplishments and maintain records of performance and attendance.
They also ensure compliance with safety procedures and deal with patrons’ questions and concerns regarding swimming lessons.
Swim Instructors will be required to put away all equipment that was utilized in the swim lesson, and may also be required to assist in cleaning,
hosing of locker rooms, laundry, vacuuming, monitoring of office and answering phones.
Hours of work are Monday through Friday, usually in the mornings.

COSPA pools offer Red Cross or Lifesaving Society swimming lesson programs.


Applicants must be at least 16 years of age, and possess the following current certifications:

Pools That Offer Red Cross Swimming Lessons

Current Red Cross Water Safety Instructors certification

Pools that offer Lifesaving Society Swimming Lessons

National Lifeguard Certification, Standard First Aid and CPR (Level C) would be considered an asset.
Six months experience as a Swim Instructor is also an asset.
Other aquatic experience including work and volunteer will be considered.
Applicants must demonstrate strong communication skills, adaptability and team leadership ability.
Successful applicants must provide proof of current qualifications.


COSPA would like to thank all applicants for their interest in working at one of the COSPA outdoor swimming pools.
Only those applicants being considered for interview will be contacted.

Outdoor Pool Supervisor

Outdoor pool operating for 80 days up to and including Labour Day..


  • Budget management including development of operating and capital budgets, ongoing monitoring and control of operating budget.
  • Administrative duties including efficient use of staff resources/scheduling, cash control, report preparation, supply ordering.
  • Recruits, interviews, orients and supervises all pool employees, arranging ongoing training for employees, accident reports and facility security.
  • Ensures the provision of a variety of aquatic/recreation programs and services that are innovative, current and responsive to the needs of customers.
  • Assists in the development of marketing and promotional strategies for the facility.
  • Ensures compliance to all appropriate statutes and codes.
  • Actively seeks partnership with other groups and agencies to maximize use of facility.
  • Ensures excellent customer service to the public and user groups; handles public inquiries, complaints and ensures public safety.
  • Ensures that the physical plant is maintained and that preventative maintenance practices are implemented on a regular basis. Controls water purification, air and water temperature and water balance.
  • Reads gauges, instruments and conducts periodic water readings. Adds appropriate chemicals as required, ensuring filtration and chlorine systems are operational.
  • Ability to fill in as Lifeguard and willingness to share in light janitorial duties.

Minimum Qualifications:

Applicants must be at least eighteen years of age, have a High School Diploma or equivalent and a valid Class 5 Driver’s License. Applicants must also have the following awards (current or within the expiry dates indicated on the award): Pool Operators 1 & 2, National Lifeguard, Red Cross Water Safety Instructor, Life Saving Instructor, Standard First Aid and CPR (Basic Rescuer) Awards. In addition, the applicant must have at least two years related experience in a supervisory capacity in swimming pools.

COSPA would like to thank all applicants for their interest in working at one of the COSPA outdoor swimming pools.
Only those applicants being considered for interview will be contacted. 

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SHIFT SUPERVISOR (Assistant Supervisor)

Job Summary

Under the general direction of the Swimming Pool Supervisor, this is a supervisory position that includes, lifeguarding and maintenance work involving the operation, administration and programming of a outdoor swimming pool on an assigned shift which may include week-end and evening work.

Major Duties & Responsibilities

  • Controls water purification (reads gauges and instruments, conducts water readings, adds appropriate chemicals as required, and ensures filtration and chlorine systems are operational), monitors air and water temperature and maintains water balance. Performs routine preventative maintenance, and standard pool operation procedures (pool filter backwashes).
  • Assists in coordinating all pool activities including establishing dates and times for public lessons, school lessons, special events and private bookings.
  • Supervisory duties include: scheduling staff hours, recruiting, interviewing, and orienting new employees; arranging for ongoing training of employees; distributing duties among employees; performance management.
  • Administrative responsibilities include some aspects of marketing the facility, coordinating special events; keeping records (of water reading, accidents, time sheets and cash statements) and ensuring facility security.
  • Public relations responsibilities include: handling complaints, answering inquiries, ensuring public safety.
  • Duties also include helping with general janitorial duties and relieving lifeguarding staff on shift when necessary, and other duties as assigned by the Swimming Pool Supervisor.

Working Conditions

Work is generally performed in a swimming pool environment with some exposure to chemicals such as chlorine and cleaning solvents. Some duties require the Shift Supervisor to work in areas where heat, humidity, chemicals and high noise levels are present.

Minimum Qualifications

• Shift Supervisors must be at least eighteen years of age, have a High School Diploma or equivalent (e.g. G.E.D.), supplemented by a recognized Pool Operators Certificate (minimum of Swimming Pool Operator Level I).

Applicants must also have the following awards (certified within the previous twelve months or within the expiry date indicated on the award):

  • National Lifeguard;
  • CPR (Level C);
  • Standard First Aid or Aquatic Emergency Care;
  • Red Cross Water Safety Instructor;
  • RLSSC Life Saving Instructor.
  • Preferred (Defibrillator Training).
  • In addition, Shift Supervisors must have at least one year of related experience in a lifeguard capacity and supervisory experience in swimming pools and a valid Alberta Class 5 Driver’s License. Supervisory/Customer Service courses are recommended. Computer skills are considered a definite asset.
  • This position requires knowledge and experience in the operation, administration and programming of swimming pools. Applicants must have well developed communication and supervisory skills and the ability to deal effectively with staff and members of the general public. This position also requires a self starter with excellent time management skills and the ability to work within a team setting.

COSPA would like to thank all applicants for their interest in working at one of the COSPA outdoor swimming pools.
Only those applicants being considered for interview will be contacted. 

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Under the supervision of the Aquatic Supervisor or Senior Attendant, this position involves monitoring and ensuring the safety of patrons in an aquatic environment. The Lifeguard also completes administrative and maintenance tasks as assigned.

Job Duties:

  • Continual monitoring of pool activities to prevent accidents while maintaining a pleasant and hazard free environment for adults and children;
  • Enforce pool regulations and educate customers on safe practices and procedures;
  • Perform lifesaving and resuscitation/first aid as required;
  • Provide a high level of customer service to patrons including responding to inquiries in person and over the phone and registering participants in programs;
  • Administrative tasks including daily cash handling/cashiering duties involving admitting the public to the facility, accepting admission fees, and preparing daily cash statements;
  • Maintenance duties may include daily cleaning of public locker rooms, washrooms, pool and pool area and periodic cleaning of the facility walls and floors along with clean up of building and surrounding grounds and related work as assigned

Minimum Qualifications

Candidates must be eighteen (18) years of age and have some High School education. They must also have the following certificates/awards (certified within the previous twelve months or within the expiry date of the award): National Lifeguard, Standard First Aid, CPR (Level C). Candidates must have six months experience as a lifeguard or swimming instructor. Knowledge of aquatic and emergency safety procedures and relevant legislation is required. Candidates must have a basic understanding of water chemistry and pool mechanical operations.

Working Conditions

Lifeguards work in a variety of aquatic environments, with some exposure to chemicals.


  • Be physically fit to carry out the functions of the position
  • Well-developed oral and written communication skills and good interpersonal skills
  • Superior customer service skills
  • Ability to work both independently and as a team member
  • High work standards
  • Applied knowledge of safety legislation and practices


  • Successful applicants must provide proof of qualifications and must be able to perform the physical demands of the job.
  • Applicants will be short-listed.
  • More than one position may be filled from this competition.


COSPA would like to thank all applicants for their interest in working at one of the COSPA outdoor swimming pools.
Only those applicants being considered for interview will be contacted. 

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