Seasonal Swimming Pool Employment

As a Junior Lifeguard your goal will be to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for customers and employees using our aquatic facilities through prevention, response and providing outstanding customer centric service. The Junior Lifeguard will always be an enhancement to the guarding rotation. This role is not ever considered in patron to lifeguard ratio’s and must always have a Lifeguard 18 years of age or older on deck with them.

Reports To :

Pool Supervisor


  • Use active guarding techniques; including roaming, scanning and bind spot checks
  • Respond quickly and efficiently  to secure safety of customers in the event of an emergency
  • Provide emergency care and stabilization of Customers required until arrival of  facility wide Emergency medical services
  • Present a professional appearance and attitude at all times
  • Maintain a high standard of Customer engagement
  • Attend and participate in ongoing training and development opportunities
  • Attend monthly Aquatic In-Services
  • Attend Legendary Service and Non Crisis Intervention training within 3 month probationary term
  • Perform various maintenance duties to maintain a clean and safe facility, ensuring the Pool deck looks appealing to our Customers at all times
  • Assist fellow Aquatic Lifeguards with Pool set ups, take downs
  • Prepare and maintain appropriate activity reports and administration
  • Handle or refer programs and situations as they arise in the facility
  • Maintain a level of fitness necessary to fulfill the practical elements of Lifeguarding
  • Perform set up and take downs during Special Events
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Required Qualifications:

  • Must be 16 years old
  • Water Safety Instructor
  • Bronze Medallion - Bronze Cross -Senior Resuscitation
  • CPR Level C
  • Aquatic Emergency Care / First Aid
  • National Lifeguarding Service
Bowview Pool Features and Rules

Health and Safety:
  • While performing the essential functions of this job, some tasks involve the ability to exert very moderate physical effort, typically involving some combination of standing, standing at a height, sitting, sitting at a height, crouching, walking, climbing, swimming, performing work while wet and/or performing the tasks for extended periods of time. Must be able to lift a minimum of 30 LBS when required.
  • Emergency tasks and regular staff training events involve the performance of physically demanding work, which may involve some combination of running, climbing and/or swimming and may involve lifting, carrying, pushing and/or pulling heavy objects including distressed persons on land or in the water, including performing work while wet and/or performing the tasks for extended periods of time.
  • Safe lifting, bending, carrying and rescue techniques and the use of a rescue aid in the water and the coordination of rescue with a second rescuer and rescue aids in the water, when possible, are required.